ARCANE ANALOG Limited Edition NKT213 Buzaround Tribute V2


What we have here are tributes to the mighty Baldwin Burns Buzzaround. These are housed in a custom powdercoated enclosure that is reminiscent of the original. Due to the extreme difficulty in sourcing the coveted and almost mythical NKT213 transistors this run is limited to only 13 units.

Please 'click' on the link for a larger image.

These have the typical controls of the Buzzaround: Timbre (Tone), Balance (Bias) and Sustain (Fuzz).


-100% Hand Crafted
-Tagboard Construction (Just like the original)
-True Bypass Switching
-Handwired Leads! No board mounted pots!
-Shielded wiring for low noise operation.
-NOS Trio of NKT213 germanium transistors.
-NOS Germanium Diode
-Quality components throughout including BC/Philips Electrolytic Caps, Wima Capacitors, 1% Metal Film Resistors and Neutrik jacks.
-Custom powder coated enclosure.
-The Bias knob is also a battery Kill Switch.
-Each pedal comes with a one year parts and labour warranty - the buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs associated with the repair.

Please note that these are made to order which provides an opportunity to customize your pedal. Build time for these is usually 2-4 weeks.

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