What we have here are four flavors of Fuzz Face available at an incredible price. All pedals are based on the classic Fuzz Face circuit. The FF-66 is the classic germanium and is the closest circuit I offer to the original Fuzz Face. The FF-77 is an all silicon version of the Fuzz Face. The FF-88 is an all germanium negative ground version of the circuit which allows you to easily daisy chain the pedal with other modern effects. The FF-00 is a silicon and germanium hybrid design which makes the Fuzz Face much more stable in terms of temperature fluctuations. The FF-C1 has the addition of a tone control for added flexibility and a wider tonal palate.

All pedals are available with an external bias control to provide a great range of sounds and to help with temperature fluctuations. All of my transistors are carefuly selected for gain, leakage and - most importantly - sound. My standard germanium transistor used is the Mullard OC42 (an all around excellent transistor available in various gain ranges). I also have many different transistor options are available including OC43 (high gain), OC-77 (round and wooly), OC80 (lower gain and mellow) and various other devices. Please feel free to ask any questions on my available germanium devices. As always, customization is available.

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-100% Hand Crafted
-Veroboard Construction (Tagboard Available)
-True Bypass Switching
-Handwired Leads! No board mounted pots!
-NOS germanium or silicon transistors.
-Quality components throughout including BC/Philips Electrolytic Caps, Military Grade Capacitors, 1% Metal Film Resistors and Neutrik jacks.
-Custom powder coated enclosure with and etched top plate.
-Each pedal comes with a one year parts and labour warranty - the buyer is responsible for any and all shipping costs associated with the repair.

Customization is available and includes but is not limited to custom enclosure colour, patina copper plates, top (standard) or side (by request) mounted jacks, a battery kill pot switch, the addition of a DC jack, the addition of an LED, the circuit tweaked for more output volume, negative ground transistors and your choice of classic, low or high gain transistors.

These are made to order which affords an opportunity for customization. Build time is approximately 4-6 weeks for custom pedals. Please send me a message with your order if you would like any custom options.